Consorzio BIC is composed by a group of companies able to work in the World to develop big works with the integrated action method, combining company competitiveness aims with commercialization aims, supported by suitable multidisciplinary technical competences.
Consorzio BIC is distinguished by its excellences in the field of new technologies, security, agriculture and Energy. These competences are not the only peculiarity of the Consortium, having a particular sensitivity towards the environment, culture, bio-eco-compatibility and art that lead to green-oriented choices in order to always find the best balance between profitable entrepreneurship and respect for what we think to be nowadays the most significant values.

The Consortium basically deals with the development of the three processes used in the finalisation path of a project:




This procedure leads to the commercialization, organization, technical and financial support of the whole project.
The work acquisition and the legal support are the peculiarities of the first commercial phase,
followed by the logistic and administrative organization of the project in the various Countries,
by the consulting and multidisciplinary planning that distinguish the technical support,
until the issue of Bid Bond, Performance Bond and Advanced payment guarantees to support financially the project.